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Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask Collagen

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Ultra Pure Solutions Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask Collagen


Constant research and the translation of the latest findings of scientific research into cosmetic products form the basis for all new developments at M2 BEAUTÉ. The launch of its ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS FACIAL NANO SPRAYS back in 2016 saw M2 BEAUTÉ lay the foundations for a new, highly efficient and effective cosmetics range.

The launch of two completely unique masks, the HYBRID SECOND SKIN MASK BROWN ALGA and the HYBRID SECOND SKIN EYE MASK COLLAGEN, will see M2 BEAUTÉ continue the concept of visionary cosmetic products in fall 2017.

A unique, patented production process, the Advanced CryoSafe Method
The highly effective collagen maintains its natural structure.
Valuable collagen peptides remain intact and are thus able to trigger the connective tissue cells of the subcutaneous skin layer to produce new collagen.

An effective ingredient concentrate
The luxurious eye mask consists to 92 % of highly concentrated, native collagen.
The collagen fibers it contains are to 97 % identical with the structure of human
collagen fibers, which enables the active components to be optimally absorbed.

Innovative application
The material that supports the eye pads also consists of bioactive components,
which remain locked as if in a safe until moistened.
The mask is first positioned on the skin and then activated via moistening with ultra-pure, slightly alkaline water.
Resting gently on the face, the mask is like a second skin and its active ingredients are able to sink in deeply.

The result? The research speaks for itself. Studies show:
60% improvement of skin moisture levels.
28 % decrease in skin irritations
15 % reduction of wrinkle depth