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Hybrid Second Skin Mask Brown Alga

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Ultra Pure Solutions Hybrid Second Skin Mask Brown Alga


Constant research and the translation of the latest findings of scientific research into cosmetic products form the basis for all new developments at M2 BEAUTÉ. The launch of its ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS FACIAL NANO SPRAYS back in 2016 saw M2 BEAUTÉ lay the foundations for a new, highly efficient and effective
cosmetics range.

The launch of two completely unique masks, the HYBRID SECOND SKIN MASK BROWN ALGA and the HYBRID SECOND SKIN EYE MASK COLLAGEN, will see M2 BEAUTÉ continue the concept of visionary cosmetic products in fall 2017.

Both masks are set to revolutionize the concept of the face mask – carrier material and active ingredient are one, and, depending on the mask type, the fabric is made of either 94% brown algae or 92% collagen.

No other face mask is more extraordinary both in terms of application and effects. Brown algae and collagen ensure an instant visible effect combined with lasting improvement of the skin’s structure. The masks also have an innovative application method – they are simply placed onto dry skin and activated with ultrapure water. The visible result is smoother and more even skin.

Highly effective nourishing mask with an instant effect

  • is activated with ultrapure water directly on the skin itself 
  • lies on the face like a second skin
  • has a skin-smoothing effect after only a few minutes.

Effect: intensively moisturizes skin, lifts and contours, revitalizes and fills wrinkles




  • Alginate (brown alga extract) – intensely moisturizes skin, wrinkles are filled and the entire face is revitalized
  • Calcium ions – boost the firmness of the membranes, improve skin thickness and firmness, and stimulate energy of the cells
  • Sodium ions – help mobilize antioxidants in the skin
  • Ultrapure, slightly alkaline water – activator fluid